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Are you looking to transfer ownership of your valuable trademark to another party? Our comprehensive Trademark Assignment Agreement is here to protect your brand's identity and provide a smooth and legally sound transfer process.


Here are some benefits of using a trademark assignment agreement:


  • Establishes clear ownership of the trademark.
  • Protects the brand from infringement and unauthorized use.
  • Enables commercialization opportunities and business transactions.
  • Manages and monetizes trademark assets.
  • Facilitates global expansion and protection.
  • Assists with succession planning and business continuity.
  • Helps avoid trademark abandonment.
  • Mitigates legal risks and liabilities associated with the mark.

Trademark Assignment Agreement

    • Digital download of the agreement.
    • Customized version of the agreement. 
    • Unlimited email communication until the agreement is finalized. 
    • 1 hour consultation to review/revise the agreement together and to answer any questions you may have.
  • You will be receiving a template upon purchase. For legal advice, please book a consultation using the existing client link (included with this purchase).

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