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how to trademark a name florida


Protecting businesses, brand names, logos, slogans, and designs

Melissa D. Ramnauth, Esq.

Attorney at Law

Melissa spent much of her career focusing on commercial litigation for large businesses. She now represents new and growing businesses as a trademark attorney. Melissa is strongly connected to her Caribbean roots and has a passion for helping the underrepresented achieve their goals. She also manages a Caribbean history and law website, West Indian Diplomacy, that advocates Caribbean education and legal protection.


Her extensive trial skills allow her to prepare strong business protections, thereby reducing the risks of lawsuits for growing businesses. The law firm's entire trademarking process is streamlined and easy for you. 

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Trademark registration is one of the most important steps a business should take to protect its brand.  

Businesses, entrepreneurs, and start-ups spend a great deal of time, money, and effort building their reputation in the marketplace. Protecting that reputation is of paramount importance to survival and future success.


A trademark increases a business's value and is appealing to potential investors. Secure your intellectual property as soon as possible to avoid brand dilution.


Federal trademark registration provides notice to the public that you own and have exclusive right to use the mark, which also discourages others from adopting a similar mark.


The owner of a registered federal trademark can stop others from using the mark across the entire United States, as opposed to a limited geographic area.


An owner of a federal trademark can file suit in a federal court to enforce its rights. Federal courts can resolve disputes quicker and more efficiently than state courts.

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Writing an application

Conducting a trademark clearance search is important to knowing whether you are infringing on another brand, or at risk of receiving an Office Action from the USPTO.

School Application

The trademark application is short, but it is still complicated. Failure to accurately complete the application can result in your application receiving an Office Action or being denied.


Properly responding to an Office Action can result in your application being approved. This can save you time and money by doing it correctly the first time.

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Protect your creative works and secure your intellectual property rights with our comprehensive copyright registration services, ensuring peace of mind and legal certainty for your artistic endeavors.

Contract Review

Protect your business deals with terms clearly expressed in written contracts. This can reduce lawsuits and attorneys fees to determine what the parties' agreements.

Do Your Own Trademark Search!

Knockout Search

Potentially conflicting trademarks may hinder the registration and use of a new trademark.


Keep in mind that even if a knockout search does not reveal any obvious conflicts, there may still be other factors or prior rights that could affect the registration or use of a trademark. Consulting with a trademark attorney or professional is often recommended for a more thorough analysis and guidance on the registration process.

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