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Are you having guests on your platform (blog, podcast, etc.)? A media release contract is crucial for both the content creator and the individual featured, as it establishes clear rights, responsibilities, and legal protections for all parties involved. It helps prevent disputes and ensures compliance with legal and ethical considerations in the usage of media content.


A media release agreement offers the following benefits:

  • Consent and permission for using someone's likeness.
  • Legal protection from potential disputes.
  • Authorization to use media content for specific purposes.
  • Increased exposure and publicity.
  • Demonstrates professionalism and ethical conduct.
  • Streamlined workflow for obtaining permissions.
  • Reputation management and brand control.
  • Compliance with legal and ethical standards.

Media Release Agreement

    • Digital download of the agreement.
    • Customized version of the agreement. 
    • Unlimited email communication until the agreement is finalized. 
    • 1 hour consultation to review/revise the agreement together and to answer any questions you may have.
  • You will be receiving a template upon purchase. For legal advice, please book a consultation using the existing client link (included with this purchase).

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