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Website terms and conditions, often referred to as terms of service or terms of use, are a legal requirement for many websites.


These terms outline the rules, rights, and responsibilities of both parties, covering various aspects such as website usage, intellectual property, user-generated content, disclaimers, limitations of liability, dispute resolution, and more.


By providing clear terms and conditions, websites can mitigate legal risks, protect their intellectual property, set expectations for users, and address important legal matters.


Compliance with legal requirements for website terms and conditions helps safeguard the interests of the website owner and promotes a transparent and fair relationship with users.

Terms & Conditions

    • Digital download of the agreement.
    • Customized version of the agreement. 
    • Unlimited email communication until the agreement is finalized. 
    • 1 hour consultation to review/revise the agreement together and to answer any questions you may have.
  • You will be receiving a template upon purchase. For legal advice, please book a consultation using the existing client link (included with this purchase).

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