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Cricketer Daren Sammy's Trademark

Updated: Feb 1

By: Melissa D. Goolsarran Ramnauth, Esq. | Trademark Attorney

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Daren Sammy holding cologne

Former captain of the West Indies Cricket team, Daren Sammy, filed a trademark application for his "88 Daren Sammy" logo to be used on his new fragrance.

On June 15, 2021, the superstar cricketer submitted his trademark application for his mark "88 DAREN SAMMY." He first launched his ‘88’ brand in 2019 in St. Lucia. He has signed a deal with Asgharali, a Bahrain-based fragrance company, for fragrances for both men and women.

The St. Lucia native is the first and only captain in cricket history to win the T20 World Cup championship twice. His career in cricket gives him over 14 years of international cricket experience and he is celebrated all around the world. Sammy is winner of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) by Queen Elizabeth II. With his core brand message “It's in you!”, the former captain aims to generate product experiences that encourage people to walk in their greatness and live their best life.

Sammy's application is waiting to be assigned to a USPTO examining attorney. This usually occurs three months after the application’s filing date. However, COVID has double and tripled the waiting time.

Federal trademarks have many benefits. First, Sammy will enjoy exclusivity as the only one allowed to use his mark in commerce in the U.S. for fragrances. Second, registration deters potential copycats and counterfeits. Third, federal registration will allow Sammy access to federal courts which are more efficient that local state courts. Lastly, a trademark increases the valuation of a company and brand.

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Research Assistance: Darshani Bacchus

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Melissa D. Goolsarran Ramnauth, Esq. is a trademark and business attorney. She writes articles on trademark law. She also writes weekly articles on West Indian history and politics to raise awareness of the past, and educate the Caribbean diaspora on the need for legal contracts and trademarks.

She graduated magna cum laude from the University of Miami with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science, a minor degree in History that focused on the slavery and indentured servitude eras, a minor degree in Criminology, and a Juris Doctor degree.

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